Flagship Europe is committed to supplying products of the highest quality. Our range is sourced solely from factories that are independently audited and assessed against one or more of the following internationally recognised standards of operation:

  • BRC - Global Food Safety Standard
  • IFS - International Food Standard
  • SIA - Global Food Safety Standard
  • NSF - Food Safety Standard
  • ISO 9001 - 2008 - Quality Management Systems
All suppliers must:
  • Operate to International and Industry specific agreed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and systems
  • Have a comprehensive and approved HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system regularly reviewed and validated by 3rd party bodies
  • Sign-up to our own scheduled programme of supplier audits and assessments on quality and safety systems
  • Operate continual quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process

At Flagship Europe we have:
  • Full Technical and Quality specifications for all existing products
  • Our own documented HACCP system
  • A regular assessment programme for microbiological, nutritional and organaleptic values
  • A comprehensive Quality Manual and Quality System
  • A crisis management team and a comprehensive crisis management system
  • Our own internal traceability system which links to all our suppliers
  • Ensure all products are fully compliant with relevant UK and EU Food Safety and Packaging legislation